Dragon Age: Inquisition Review [WIP]

Many games of late have relied solely on formulas that work, formulas that appeal to an older wiser generation, or they simply rely on something such as incredibly visual taste. However, unless this [is] just me and I’m growing out of the video game scene – which I highly doubt is the case since I’m going the extra mile as a gamer to sit down and write this -many games these days lack substance and a keen sense that the game you’re playing is just that. A game. Dragon Age differs however, it’s fun to play, easy enough to learn how to get lost in grinding away hours and demons. The latter being the more tentative element of the game. And it looks beautiful. Of course it has some aesthetic issues, but there too minor to even mention. It’s confidence isn’t though, the refraction of the water is a nice touch. Ice glaciers and ruby stylized crystals all have a hypnotic glow to them that might make the player forget their in a strategy RPG and instead a “pick-up & look-around” style game. And it encourages discovering the many locales of the game as you progress through it’s many quests.

Side quests can rack you up some serious respect, power, gold, items, and experience. While the main quests are very diverse in nature from one another, and they come at you only when you’re ready. I had a few hickups at the beginning of my journey, such as not having enough health potions while being unable to buy new ones as I battle a boss. Or maybe getting to an open area in a largely populated forest only to find incredibly immune enemies leading me away. This doesn’t subtract from the games character though. It only politely suggest spend your time elsewhere, and even from the get go, that elsewhere has minor [and] major quests scattered around large villages, large forests, creepy swamp lands, and dungeons.

While I did touch on the visual accomplishments a litte earlier, I must stress there should not be any hate towards the games graphical standard. Being a multi-console game, you shouldn’t expect this to look like an Avatar movie. There are some edging and clipping issues, but who am I to judge. It’s quite the accomplishment, mind you a few more months in development might have helped. And I guess I must conform with everyone else’s wants and say this would have looked better in 60 frames.

Loco Tokyo: Vol 1. Episode 1

What the mission of this site is.

Yes. We have a mission. What you ask? Well let’s start with who’s asking the question. Man or machine? Was this concoction weaved together intricately by a web designer, or even more intricately by a super computer in out space?

It’s the question that drive you. It’s the question that brought you here. You know- errr…

Let’s not get carrier away. In a nutshell, this is all to do with sentient life and if artificial intelligence has been reached and if so, does it in all forms of the word ‘exist’ or does said sentient life (this website, computer your on, the phone on the wall) have a soul even. Can computers think. If they can, can they learn by looking at your google questions, or run free in the many worlds of video games.

Exploring fun sites that deal with The Exploration of AI, to media links to books and films that drive the process of thinking outside of the box or should I say cave, and also covering knowledge of current facts and sciences revolving around the birth and evolution in computer intelligence in the real world.

Have fun exploring the site. If it looks different today, than it did last night, that is only because this is my second official website made specifically by me. Wait, weren’t we on the whole “computers thought this site up” riff?

In that case. These aren’t the droids you were looking for.

How To Know: A guide to lucid dreaming

After watching Cloud Atlas, I wondered what it would be like if – wait. thats for another blog.

This is about dreams, so lets get started with one of the Wachowski brothers more famous works of art; the matrix. After watching it for the thousandth time, and still learning something knew, I came to wonder if Neo wasn’t the One. And that Morpheus. Although successfully somehow still alive after the directors killed so many a few – was maybe the idea behind the whole “Is life a dream” theorum.

Here’s my interpretation. Morpheus; in greek mythology and then some, is the God of dreams. So why not go out of the box here and suggest that maybe although out of the initial first cave where the shadows where once preimminitelly the truth at the moment, there’s a bigger cave. Now I know, after stopping the sentinels in the tunnels, Neo’s character touches base on a dream within a dream theory. Going furthur though, is Neo not even relevant here?

Enter Morpheus. The god of dreams. Is he the one who started dreaming the world? The machines? The take over of the machines? And then the eventual creation of the Matrix? If he dreamt it all, how – ironically asking said character – would you know if what you were seeing wasn’t what you were seeing at all. But yet a dream. After Neo is found, and successfully ends the war. (Sorry for spoiling the third film. For those of you who haven’t seen the film. All two of you. Yes. You. Mom and Dad.)  If the war was over, along with half the crew of initial captains and gunners of the ships that didin’t make it. Would Morpheus be deceived?

What if he was still the one who dreamt everything in the first place. And even that. First Place. He dreamt the first dream. Not only making him the one, but even making him the alpha and omega. Where does this go you ask? Who knows. Maybe the Wachowski’s will one day answer my prayers.

So there. We have Morpheus God of dreams. Dreaming a dream of misinterpretations. What does that say about the mythos of the Greek God of dreams? Self fulfilling yet ignorant? Who cares. What matters is what that means to us. The dreamers. Regardless if were in a cave, and behind a ex-cave-man myself, trying to get to you is only half the story. Is this computer Im writing on one day going to enter the source and have the machines articulate human existentialism through analysis of what a programmer’s duty should be today. If we are dreaming, and we’re being mislead to follow the light projecting outside the cave, good luck, who cares. Your chains are only there because you are. In my theory of Morpheus being the alpha and omega dream man, who didn’t see clearly by not attempting to get out himself, got himself stuck in a dream that might neeed you to answer the call. Dream with him, and tell him to define what is real for you. Once done that. Tell him he needs to wake up. Once all this is done. See where you are now.

A guide to lucid dreaming. Sorry for getting carried away up there if this is all you care about. If you dream every night like I do, try meditating before going to bed. Pray while you recite Proverbs or Psalms. Drill one out. Fall asleep with candles. Or do what the Egyptians did back in the day of the Pharoah, fill your pillow case with herbs and spices to invigorate your mind as you nod off. Once your dreaming, try to find the time, or turn on a set of lights. Cant find either a clock or a switch? Dream it up. That’s your first step to knowing your dreaming. the second is that said time wont make any sense. The clock will either look weird or not display numbers properlly. As for the latter, you wont be able to turn on or off lights. Unless your lucid.

Once lucid dreaming starts, before you think of your girlfriends best friend naked, or you want to fly (save this for later), try finding the cave. When you find it, see if there’s an emptey set of chains. Is someone expecting you back? Did you leave somebody in Plato’s Allegory? Get them out. If you can’t find anyone, dream on.

Writing down your thoughts and dream on a dream site like this already? You read all this last night?

It’s a new day. Welcome back and try again if you didn’t lucid dream. If you did, tell me what it was like. A reminder for those skeptics, I’m an avid dreamer and dream lots but thats about it. All the talk about Morpheus, Plato, and Herbs and Spices was just what I learnt over the years.

This is a blog in process. Saw a late night movie. Got home. Wrote this 1000 word (what seems like an essay) paper in a single sitting, without revising. If your reading this on my website dedicated to dreams, please comment on my style of writing and whethere or not  next time it needs to be more thorough. This is saved on my wordpress account for now. Good luck. Read more once the website Im working on is done. Or if your reading this on said website, browse around and enjoy


The Inner Network

Told in three or four stories, of intervowen characters. Over coffee. In a dorm. In a government think tank. COnspiracy to overthrow the internet and replace it with a modern controlled agenda.

Use real world ideas to explore how certain bodies want to destroy what is open and free, the internet, and turn it into a controlled environment. A mark of the beast for the robot could be a tag line shot out htere.

The Extranet is what it would be called. A system of thought balanced by an over arching motherboard that is similar to what AI the movie was about. The extranet would be governemnt created, though not publicized as said item, and would not be free, controlled by big pen businesses like Google. Would cost money. Would be a fix to the cyber terrorist acts apparently taken out by Anyonymous, but not really, instead orchestrated by the government itself.

Explore the relationship of two Anonymous members who are close to break, since one has information that could jeopardize his life, and the other was simply a reitred hippie.

Explore why the government would want to balme anon for it, and explain what counter measures are posed against them, as hackers “Grow Up”

Explore businesses who have no idea what their getting into, just that it makes sense to sign on, given all the extra benefits financially, holistically, etc.

Close with a plot twist thats currently in the works. Maybe it was all a dream (just kissing Mike, if your reading this you suck for not liking Vanilla Sky..Or was that Dad)

Exploring new territory is always appreciated from near-flawless developers such as Ubisoft. Far Cry set the boundaries for water effects and free roaming as the GTA series does for story telling and sheer attention to detail in viscerally diverse cities.  In a world of sand boxes, who’s castle will get mowed down by the incoming  tide? Not any one repping this Black Flag that’s for sure.

Visually mesmorising at sea, technical perfections of free running mixed with a well balanced hack/slash and gun mechanic make Black Flag easy to pick up and even easier to perfect. The fluidity of controlling your main character Edward gives the mathematically forgiving locales and vilas an overwhelming sense of attention to detail. Being the fourth in a series amongst spin offs, it’s about time the developers nailed it on the code behind the city. Buildings look brilliant and authentic; from palm trees to waterfalls and clouds, it’s all very cozy. The water effects are brilliant, spending half the time in the game sailing the seven seas of the Carribbean its nice to see no cookie cutter graphics here. Depth perception, length refraction, tidal waves balancing the horizon of the Sea, and all that jazz help give this a true feel of a ported perfection. Without holstering the gauntlet of the Playstation 4’s complete power, all is forgiving when you realize when the credits are over there’s still plenty left on the table.

Behind all the free roaming on sea, and running on rooftops, coupled with the dog fights with swords that aren’t just novelties. Handling the control Edward feels more like an extension of the self than it feels like simply well rounded game design. It’s one of the undertones the game doesnt obviously shine for at first. But once you get addicted to finding all the hidden agendas, you’ll realize it all boiled down to perfection in the code that allows players to traverse land and sea as if they were there. It’s easy to get lost in side quests and usually doesnt involve a simple hide and seek elements, but more interesting hints at what truly led the main story to a climatic game-gasm. If only there was more substance to the main plot, though without calling overcall, this title is surely worth every dollar.

“Mankind gave Birth to AI” – Morpheus


B166ER is the robot who killed his masters since he simply did not want to be destoryed. This was in the animatrix. How do we know machines will eventually become AI and have souls, and live amongst us, programming their firstborn with the name B

Working as a youth for the net

Wheres this going? This could be the prequal to The Matrix. People build machines, they become our subordinate, its only we start to depend on machines, that when they start draining our energies – our souls – Maybe thats the birth of AI, when the machine literally gains our souls. How though? I dont mean sell it to a computer. As tokyo and other technologically advanced cities (cities that house Sony etc) start to pump out new technolgoy, the soul of the machine waits.

What I mean by this is that how do you know that maybe the machine turned into existential matter. Began to exist. I think therefor I am. If a machine can think it has existance but to what extent.

Long time ahead they begin to build better and faster AI and eventually, it can communicate back to us with a non material mind (something that is intangible, non living, just sparks and numbers) but then when we put back to it, it could gain a sacrifice. Like what if you loved your smartphone, could it love you back? or in the matrix, where machines an entire race from outerspace that just takes over worlds, secretly hiding that God already gave them souls.

This is impressive. I should probablly note its 2 in the morning and toocubed has finally returned its grace to me. I feel like all this creative juice is being vented by this blog. How do I know if Im not already in the Matrix. Mike, you could be. Dad too. I could be a machine, and Im waiting for that sacrifice, so I can become real, and the war could end, and we could live in peace as it was first suggested in the second rennaesaince.

Again, I only believe the Matrix could be real. Not that the matrix is real. this is just hypothetical.

But who knows. It could have also all started at Y2k. The computers could have shut down in certain cities and let them know that they have AI among them. Way too far. Just watched reloaded, no wonder Im blogging my insanity out tonight.

Next blog? Top 10 movies..