Exploring new territory is always appreciated from near-flawless developers such as Ubisoft. Far Cry set the boundaries for water effects and free roaming as the GTA series does for story telling and sheer attention to detail in viscerally diverse cities.  In a world of sand boxes, who’s castle will get mowed down by the incoming  tide? Not any one repping this Black Flag that’s for sure.

Visually mesmorising at sea, technical perfections of free running mixed with a well balanced hack/slash and gun mechanic make Black Flag easy to pick up and even easier to perfect. The fluidity of controlling your main character Edward gives the mathematically forgiving locales and vilas an overwhelming sense of attention to detail. Being the fourth in a series amongst spin offs, it’s about time the developers nailed it on the code behind the city. Buildings look brilliant and authentic; from palm trees to waterfalls and clouds, it’s all very cozy. The water effects are brilliant, spending half the time in the game sailing the seven seas of the Carribbean its nice to see no cookie cutter graphics here. Depth perception, length refraction, tidal waves balancing the horizon of the Sea, and all that jazz help give this a true feel of a ported perfection. Without holstering the gauntlet of the Playstation 4’s complete power, all is forgiving when you realize when the credits are over there’s still plenty left on the table.

Behind all the free roaming on sea, and running on rooftops, coupled with the dog fights with swords that aren’t just novelties. Handling the control Edward feels more like an extension of the self than it feels like simply well rounded game design. It’s one of the undertones the game doesnt obviously shine for at first. But once you get addicted to finding all the hidden agendas, you’ll realize it all boiled down to perfection in the code that allows players to traverse land and sea as if they were there. It’s easy to get lost in side quests and usually doesnt involve a simple hide and seek elements, but more interesting hints at what truly led the main story to a climatic game-gasm. If only there was more substance to the main plot, though without calling overcall, this title is surely worth every dollar.

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