The Inner Network

Told in three or four stories, of intervowen characters. Over coffee. In a dorm. In a government think tank. COnspiracy to overthrow the internet and replace it with a modern controlled agenda.

Use real world ideas to explore how certain bodies want to destroy what is open and free, the internet, and turn it into a controlled environment. A mark of the beast for the robot could be a tag line shot out htere.

The Extranet is what it would be called. A system of thought balanced by an over arching motherboard that is similar to what AI the movie was about. The extranet would be governemnt created, though not publicized as said item, and would not be free, controlled by big pen businesses like Google. Would cost money. Would be a fix to the cyber terrorist acts apparently taken out by Anyonymous, but not really, instead orchestrated by the government itself.

Explore the relationship of two Anonymous members who are close to break, since one has information that could jeopardize his life, and the other was simply a reitred hippie.

Explore why the government would want to balme anon for it, and explain what counter measures are posed against them, as hackers “Grow Up”

Explore businesses who have no idea what their getting into, just that it makes sense to sign on, given all the extra benefits financially, holistically, etc.

Close with a plot twist thats currently in the works. Maybe it was all a dream (just kissing Mike, if your reading this you suck for not liking Vanilla Sky..Or was that Dad)

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