How To Know: A guide to lucid dreaming

After watching Cloud Atlas, I wondered what it would be like if – wait. thats for another blog.

This is about dreams, so lets get started with one of the Wachowski brothers more famous works of art; the matrix. After watching it for the thousandth time, and still learning something knew, I came to wonder if Neo wasn’t the One. And that Morpheus. Although successfully somehow still alive after the directors killed so many a few – was maybe the idea behind the whole “Is life a dream” theorum.

Here’s my interpretation. Morpheus; in greek mythology and then some, is the God of dreams. So why not go out of the box here and suggest that maybe although out of the initial first cave where the shadows where once preimminitelly the truth at the moment, there’s a bigger cave. Now I know, after stopping the sentinels in the tunnels, Neo’s character touches base on a dream within a dream theory. Going furthur though, is Neo not even relevant here?

Enter Morpheus. The god of dreams. Is he the one who started dreaming the world? The machines? The take over of the machines? And then the eventual creation of the Matrix? If he dreamt it all, how – ironically asking said character – would you know if what you were seeing wasn’t what you were seeing at all. But yet a dream. After Neo is found, and successfully ends the war. (Sorry for spoiling the third film. For those of you who haven’t seen the film. All two of you. Yes. You. Mom and Dad.)  If the war was over, along with half the crew of initial captains and gunners of the ships that didin’t make it. Would Morpheus be deceived?

What if he was still the one who dreamt everything in the first place. And even that. First Place. He dreamt the first dream. Not only making him the one, but even making him the alpha and omega. Where does this go you ask? Who knows. Maybe the Wachowski’s will one day answer my prayers.

So there. We have Morpheus God of dreams. Dreaming a dream of misinterpretations. What does that say about the mythos of the Greek God of dreams? Self fulfilling yet ignorant? Who cares. What matters is what that means to us. The dreamers. Regardless if were in a cave, and behind a ex-cave-man myself, trying to get to you is only half the story. Is this computer Im writing on one day going to enter the source and have the machines articulate human existentialism through analysis of what a programmer’s duty should be today. If we are dreaming, and we’re being mislead to follow the light projecting outside the cave, good luck, who cares. Your chains are only there because you are. In my theory of Morpheus being the alpha and omega dream man, who didn’t see clearly by not attempting to get out himself, got himself stuck in a dream that might neeed you to answer the call. Dream with him, and tell him to define what is real for you. Once done that. Tell him he needs to wake up. Once all this is done. See where you are now.

A guide to lucid dreaming. Sorry for getting carried away up there if this is all you care about. If you dream every night like I do, try meditating before going to bed. Pray while you recite Proverbs or Psalms. Drill one out. Fall asleep with candles. Or do what the Egyptians did back in the day of the Pharoah, fill your pillow case with herbs and spices to invigorate your mind as you nod off. Once your dreaming, try to find the time, or turn on a set of lights. Cant find either a clock or a switch? Dream it up. That’s your first step to knowing your dreaming. the second is that said time wont make any sense. The clock will either look weird or not display numbers properlly. As for the latter, you wont be able to turn on or off lights. Unless your lucid.

Once lucid dreaming starts, before you think of your girlfriends best friend naked, or you want to fly (save this for later), try finding the cave. When you find it, see if there’s an emptey set of chains. Is someone expecting you back? Did you leave somebody in Plato’s Allegory? Get them out. If you can’t find anyone, dream on.

Writing down your thoughts and dream on a dream site like this already? You read all this last night?

It’s a new day. Welcome back and try again if you didn’t lucid dream. If you did, tell me what it was like. A reminder for those skeptics, I’m an avid dreamer and dream lots but thats about it. All the talk about Morpheus, Plato, and Herbs and Spices was just what I learnt over the years.

This is a blog in process. Saw a late night movie. Got home. Wrote this 1000 word (what seems like an essay) paper in a single sitting, without revising. If your reading this on my website dedicated to dreams, please comment on my style of writing and whethere or not  next time it needs to be more thorough. This is saved on my wordpress account for now. Good luck. Read more once the website Im working on is done. Or if your reading this on said website, browse around and enjoy


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