Loco Tokyo: Vol 1. Episode 1

What the mission of this site is.

Yes. We have a mission. What you ask? Well let’s start with who’s asking the question. Man or machine? Was this concoction weaved together intricately by a web designer, or even more intricately by a super computer in out space?

It’s the question that drive you. It’s the question that brought you here. You know- errr…

Let’s not get carrier away. In a nutshell, this is all to do with sentient life and if artificial intelligence has been reached and if so, does it in all forms of the word ‘exist’ or does said sentient life (this website, computer your on, the phone on the wall) have a soul even. Can computers think. If they can, can they learn by looking at your google questions, or run free in the many worlds of video games.

Exploring fun sites that deal with The Exploration of AI, to media links to books and films that drive the process of thinking outside of the box or should I say cave, and also covering knowledge of current facts and sciences revolving around the birth and evolution in computer intelligence in the real world.

Have fun exploring the site. If it looks different today, than it did last night, that is only because this is my second official website made specifically by me. Wait, weren’t we on the whole “computers thought this site up” riff?

In that case. These aren’t the droids you were looking for.

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