Dragon Age: Inquisition Review [WIP]

Many games of late have relied solely on formulas that work, formulas that appeal to an older wiser generation, or they simply rely on something such as incredibly visual taste. However, unless this [is] just me and I’m growing out of the video game scene – which I highly doubt is the case since I’m going the extra mile as a gamer to sit down and write this -many games these days lack substance and a keen sense that the game you’re playing is just that. A game. Dragon Age differs however, it’s fun to play, easy enough to learn how to get lost in grinding away hours and demons. The latter being the more tentative element of the game. And it looks beautiful. Of course it has some aesthetic issues, but there too minor to even mention. It’s confidence isn’t though, the refraction of the water is a nice touch. Ice glaciers and ruby stylized crystals all have a hypnotic glow to them that might make the player forget their in a strategy RPG and instead a “pick-up & look-around” style game. And it encourages discovering the many locales of the game as you progress through it’s many quests.

Side quests can rack you up some serious respect, power, gold, items, and experience. While the main quests are very diverse in nature from one another, and they come at you only when you’re ready. I had a few hickups at the beginning of my journey, such as not having enough health potions while being unable to buy new ones as I battle a boss. Or maybe getting to an open area in a largely populated forest only to find incredibly immune enemies leading me away. This doesn’t subtract from the games character though. It only politely suggest spend your time elsewhere, and even from the get go, that elsewhere has minor [and] major quests scattered around large villages, large forests, creepy swamp lands, and dungeons.

While I did touch on the visual accomplishments a litte earlier, I must stress there should not be any hate towards the games graphical standard. Being a multi-console game, you shouldn’t expect this to look like an Avatar movie. There are some edging and clipping issues, but who am I to judge. It’s quite the accomplishment, mind you a few more months in development might have helped. And I guess I must conform with everyone else’s wants and say this would have looked better in 60 frames.

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