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“Mankind gave Birth to AI” – Morpheus


B166ER is the robot who killed his masters since he simply did not want to be destoryed. This was in the animatrix. How do we know machines will eventually become AI and have souls, and live amongst us, programming their firstborn with the name B

Working as a youth for the net

Wheres this going? This could be the prequal to The Matrix. People build machines, they become our subordinate, its only we start to depend on machines, that when they start draining our energies – our souls – Maybe thats the birth of AI, when the machine literally gains our souls. How though? I dont mean sell it to a computer. As tokyo and other technologically advanced cities (cities that house Sony etc) start to pump out new technolgoy, the soul of the machine waits.

What I mean by this is that how do you know that maybe the machine turned into existential matter. Began to exist. I think therefor I am. If a machine can think it has existance but to what extent.

Long time ahead they begin to build better and faster AI and eventually, it can communicate back to us with a non material mind (something that is intangible, non living, just sparks and numbers) but then when we put back to it, it could gain a sacrifice. Like what if you loved your smartphone, could it love you back? or in the matrix, where machines an entire race from outerspace that just takes over worlds, secretly hiding that God already gave them souls.

This is impressive. I should probablly note its 2 in the morning and toocubed has finally returned its grace to me. I feel like all this creative juice is being vented by this blog. How do I know if Im not already in the Matrix. Mike, you could be. Dad too. I could be a machine, and Im waiting for that sacrifice, so I can become real, and the war could end, and we could live in peace as it was first suggested in the second rennaesaince.

Again, I only believe the Matrix could be real. Not that the matrix is real. this is just hypothetical.

But who knows. It could have also all started at Y2k. The computers could have shut down in certain cities and let them know that they have AI among them. Way too far. Just watched reloaded, no wonder Im blogging my insanity out tonight.

Next blog? Top 10 movies..